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Multi-Wavelength Laser Power Meter



                                                                               Multi-wavelength laser power meter (Figure 1)

Laser Power Meter

The laser power meter is a professional instrument specially developed to measure the optical power of laser. It uses the optical signal induced by the optical silicon electromagnetic reception feedback to be clearly and accurately displayed through the display panel in the form of current or voltage, so that The operator can easily and intuitively judge the quality of the laser product and the output light rate.

Functions: 1. Optical power measurement 2. Current measurement 3. DC 3V, 4.5V, 5V voltage output

Main Technical Parameters

Wavelength: 473nm 532nm 650nm.

Power Measurement Range: 0-500mW optional

Display: LCD digital display.

Measurement Accuracy: 0.1mw

Power Supply Mode: AC220V

Dimensions: 160 X 65 X 120

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