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Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cord



Xi'an Leize Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. develops SMA905 connectors, a series of energy-transmitting optical fiber jumpers for lasers, using high-precision SMA905 optical fiber connectors and a high-quality stainless steel hose protective layer to reliably protect the optical fiber body. High-quality ferrules, matched with multi-pass grinding of end faces, large core diameter energy-transmitting optical fibers of various specifications, ensure quality and quantity, and meet various customization needs of customers.
The product is suitable for energy laser transmission of various types of semiconductor lasers/laser modules, as well as solid lasers of various powers.
Application Fields:
1. Laser welding, laser cutting, medical plastic surgery and other types of lasers;
2. Semiconductor/fiber laser output pigtail;
3. High-power flexible transmission such as laser cladding and texturing;
4. Spectrometer detection, UV Raman spectroscopy, and UV illumination monitoring;
5. Photodynamic therapy, medical diagnosis and other fields;
6. Ultraviolet lithography, medical sensing, and biological detection.
ProjectCommon TypesRemark
Core diameter (μm)105200400600Fiber type
Cladding diameter (μm)125220440660Geometric dimensions
Coating layer diameter (μm)245320560960Coating material
NA (numerical aperture) wavelength
Core out-of-roundness (%)≤2≤2≤4≤4All are acceptable
Core/cladding concentricity deviation (μm)≤2≤2≤2≤2customization
Cladding out-of-roundness (%)≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5
Cladding attenuation@1095nm≤15.00≤15.00≤15.00≤15.00
Core attenuation@1200nm≤15.00≤15.00≤15.00≤15.00
Wavelength rangeUV:200nm~1200nm  IR:600nm~1600nm
refractive index distributionSI Step Type
Core materialUV: pure quartz - high hydroxyl IR: pure quartz - low hydroxyl
Cladding materialFluorine-doped quartz
Coating materialAcrylic (optional low refractive index coating)
Jumper sheath typesFull metal armor tube(5.0*3.5)Rubber coated metal armored tube (customized color)PVC pipe3.0mmMicro armored tube(2.8*1.8)customization
(low power)
Working temperature (℃)Range: -40℃~100℃ (high power and high temperature optical fiber needs to be customized)
Connector typeFC-UPC    SMA-UPC (one-piece ferrule)customization
Ferrule materialstainless steel ceramic
lengthNominal 0.5m~5mcustomization
screening strength100~200kpsi (twice the tensile strength of conventional optical fiber)

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