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Semiconductor lasers help clinical medical development


With the development of laser technology, a new applied discipline, laser medicine, has gradually taken shape. The unique advantages of laser have solved many problems that traditional medicine cannot solve in basic research and clinical applications, attracting the attention of the domestic and foreign medical circles. Semiconductor lasers are particularly suitable for the manufacture of medical equipment because of their small size, light weight, long life, low power consumption, and wide wavelength coverage. Since its birth more than 50 years ago, it has been widely used in clinical medical diagnosis and treatment. It has not only become an advanced means of treating diseases, but also developed into an important branch of medicine.

In recent years, the medical effects of semiconductor lasers have been increasingly confirmed. Studies have shown that 808 lasers are effective in treating hemiplegia: 106 patients with hemiplegia after stroke were randomly divided into a treatment group and a control group, and 59 cases in the treatment group were treated with Semiconductor laser combined with exercise therapy was used for treatment. 47 cases in the control group were treated with medium frequency electrotherapy combined with exercise therapy. After 2 to 3 courses of treatment, the curative effects of the two groups were observed and compared. The results showed that in the treatment of patients with hemiplegic shoulder pain, the efficacy of the semiconductor laser treatment group was significantly better than that of the control group. Semiconductor laser has significantly improved clinical efficacy and is worthy of clinical promotion and application.

Generally speaking, although China’s laser medical work started late, it is developing very rapidly. The medical application of semiconductor lasers is considered to be a huge market with great potential. As the only high-tech enterprise in my country with a complete production line from laser material production to device manufacturing, Inspur Huaguang has produced semiconductor laser diodes since its establishment in 1999. The production and sales of high-power lasers continue to rank first in the country. It has always attached great importance to the research and development of laser devices and vigorously expanded the application of lasers in the medical field. For example, Inspur Huaguang's high-power semiconductor lasers with wavelengths such as 808nm and 980nm are widely used in the dental medical field due to their extremely high stability and reliability. Semiconductor lasers can not only meet the needs of miniaturization and easy operation of medical equipment, but also ensure the effectiveness of treatment. Inspur Huaguang will rely on its own advantages to launch high-reliability semiconductor lasers that meet the needs of various medical fields, provide doctors with more effective treatment equipment, and provide patients with more reliable treatment methods.

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