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Large Diameter Parallel Light Tube



Laser Collimator Light Tube Manual

1. Application 

Laser parallel light tubes (laser parallel light sources) are widely used in long-distance tunnel penetration positioning, bridge laying occasions and other special purposes. It can also be used as a monochromatic high-parallel light source for industrial viewing angles and other industrial automation, teaching experiments and other occasions.

2. Notes:

●Please read this instruction carefully before using this product

●To protect your eyes, please avoid the laser beam from shining directly into your eyes (including avoiding the laser line reflected from a bright mirror from shining directly into your eyes).

●This product is not waterproof, please avoid water exposure and excessively humid environment. If you need waterproof products, please contact us to order separately.

●Repairing this product requires professional skills and special tools. Users should not disassemble the product by themselves, otherwise the manufacturer will not be responsible for the repair costs.

●Please use the high-end switching power supply equipped by our factory. Do not use low-quality power supply. Using low-quality power supply may cause damage to the product.

●When using the power module to supply power from the AC power grid, if there is a switch, please connect the switch to the AC high-voltage end, not the low-voltage DC end. When there is no switch, and the power supply is supplied by the power module, please connect the low-end line first, and then Connect the high voltage terminal to power on.

3. Technical parameters:

Product Model: BOT650--50P

Wavelength: 650nm

Exit Pupil Power: about 5000mw

Working Voltage: DC 3.4V

Clear Diameter: Ф80mm

Beam Non-parallelism: <0.2 mard

Power Supply Model: adjustable brightness switching power supply

Power Connector: aviation plug

4. Installation and Use:

1. Take out the laser parallel light tube and switching power supply and place them securely.

2. Connect the AC terminal plug of the switching power supply to the 220V AC power, and the laser parallel light tube emits a parallel light beam with a diameter of 80mm.

3. Adjust the knob on the adjustable power supply to adjust the output beam to a brightness value that is comfortable for the human eye and can work normally.

4. Users can carry out precise orientation, teaching research, precision measurement, product testing, scientific experiments, etc. according to their own needs.       

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