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Our company provides user repair services for our products. Please send your Raize products to the product distributor or authorized service station for service. We offer various support methods, including a service hotline, online services on our website, email, fax, and postal mail, to address your concerns and difficulties. Our products are covered by a one-year warranty period starting from the date of qualified factory delivery, with lifetime maintenance included. During the warranty period, we provide free repairs for any malfunctions or damages caused by factors other than human error or irresistible natural phenomena.

The following situations are subject to paid repair services:

1.Damages caused by human error or irresistible natural phenomena.

2.Malfunctions or damages caused by improper operation.

3.Damages caused by incorrect installation or repairs performed by unauthorized personnel.

Our company promises to fulfill the production tasks for the supplied products according to quality, quantity, and schedule. We will promptly deliver the products to the user's desired location to ensure normal operation.

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